Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Coming for the Trophy


Sorry, I forgot to post about why the Spurs would take it all this year... I guess there's no need when the Spurs are on their way to possibly SWEEP the Sun's. Thats right, the Spurs are up 2 to 0, and thats after two road games. They have two home games coming up, and the Spurs had only 3 losses this season at home, out of 41 games. Thats phenomenal! They have only lost 1 game at home during the playoffs, and from this point foward, they will have home court advantage.
This is a team that was built in every way to win the championship. With additions to our team like Glenn Robinson and Nazr Mohammed, who has been exceptional during the playoffs with his offensive rebounds, creating and finishing many second chance attempts, the Spurs have filled in all the gaps that were in any way holding this team back from the greatness they have now achieved.


Anonymous Ricky said...


The Rockets, the Mavs, and now the Suns have busted a their nut too early in the game. The Spurs are truly the Masters Of Their Domain.

2:52 PM  

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